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Door Contact

discreet but powerful

The wireless door contact is a battery powered sensor with an easy fit mounting bracket and due to its 2-way communication with the panel, can be programmed and adjusting without the need to remove the sensor.

It comprises of a sensor (mounted on the door frame) and a magnet mounted on the door. The sensor detects when the door is opened or closed and triggers the alarm when the alrm is set and a door is opened.

These detectors can be used on both doors and windows. 


batteries included


operating gap between sensor and magnet


meets European Standards for RF Immunity meaning other signals can't interfere with the sensor. 

72 x 35 x 32mm 

contact size

72 x 16 x 11mm 

magnet size

Expert review

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Does what it says on the tin
“Protect any door (or window) with this door contact. Fitted in seconds with the quick fit mounting system.”

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